Licensed Roofer Available as Expert Witness

Bear Creek Roofing offers expert witness in addition to our numerous roofing services. We possess a vast understanding of all aspects of the roofing industry, which our licensed roofers will apply to your case.

When to Seek Roofing Expert Witness Services

Roofing contractors must take countless precautions when managing labor, materials, and clients. If, at any point during the administration of roofing services, issues of employee safety, building supplies, or contract fulfillment result in a lawsuit, call an expert witness. If a new roof seems sub-par, an expert witness can attest to its integrity or lack thereof.

Roof Inspection and Other Expert Witness Responsibilities

An expert witness performs many obligatory responsibilities, the foremost being providing convincing, articulate testimony in a courtroom. In order to be an effective expert witness, a roofing contractor must be able to communicate effectively and confidently in a courtroom setting. Depending on the circumstances of the case, an expert witness may perform inspections on the roof, worksite, or contract in question, then compare it against OSHA regulations and business laws to ascertain whether a party can be found in violation.

How a Roofing Contractor Becomes an Expert Witness

Because an expert witness deals with legal proceedings, a roofing contractor must meet certain requirements before providing expert testimony that can sway a case in one direction or the other. First, an expert witness understands the industry and is experienced with roofing services. Beyond roofing services, an expert witness is also up to date on OSHA regulations and workplace safety. Next, the roofing contractor needs to be highly communicative and comfortable in a courtroom setting. 

Bear Creek’s Licensed Roofers are Expert Witnesses

Bear Creek Roofing has provided exceptional roofing services to Northern Utah since 2007, with some of our licensed roofing specialists, bearing over 30 years of expert experience. In that time, our expert roofer has gained the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary to become outstanding expert witnesses. Whether you’re looking for an expert witness or one of our countless other roofing services, Bear Creek Roofing will deliver exceptional results for whatever task we perform.

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