Licensed Roofers Providing Heat Tape Installation

The licensed roofers at Bear Creek Roofing have been providing the Ogden area with new roofs and roofing enhancements for over 30 years. We make the process of installing heat tape easy for our customers with our courteous staff and quality guarantee.

Benefits of Installing Heat Tape

If you live in Northern Utah, your home will endure cold winters. As snow and ice accumulate on a roof, the daily melting and refreezing process may cause dams and reservoirs to form. Installing heat tape will ensure key channels on the roof melt completely, allowing proper drainage and relieving your roof from a great deal of unnecessary weight. Removing icy roof buildup will dramatically increase the lifespan of your shingles as well as minimizing roof leaks. Heat tape can also be installed around drains or pipes to prevent freezing, saving you time and money long-term.

Bear Creek Delivers Quality Heat Cable Installation

Locally owned and operated, Bear Creek Roofing is your reliable heat tape expert. We’ve seen just about everything when it comes to installing heat tape and heat cable, so we have the experience to excel at any such project. Our licensed roofers skillfully apply heat tape at the precise angle and density to promote maximum effectiveness. We take care of every step of the process, including obtaining the correct heat tape, placing the heat tape, and cleaning up any debris once the project is complete.

Reliable Local Roofing Company in Ogden, UT

At Bear Creek Roofing, we pride ourselves on earning the trust of lifelong customers and the local community through consistent positive reviews. Our licensed roofing contractors perform services such as new roofs, roof replacement, shingle removal, roof leak repair, skylight installation, and many other specialties. We guarantee our workmanship on every project, small or large, and promise to deliver high-quality results at fair pricing. Call Bear Creek Roofing today for more information or for a free quote.


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