Superb New Roof Installation in Ogden, UT

At Bear Creek Roofing, we understand that a roof is one of the most vital components of a new building. We provide several styles and materials to ensure your residential or commercial structure is well-protected with new, high-quality roofing and installation. Some roofing materials we work with include tile, metal, shingles, and wood shake.

Bear Creek Provides Tile Roof Installation

A tile roof can add charm and value to a residential or commercial property. Our reliable roofing services include new tile roofs made from either clay or concrete tiles. We have extensive experience with every type of roofing tile, so you can be sure that your precious materials are in good hands. Additionally, our licensed roofing contractors will ensure your new tile roof is installed seamlessly so you can enjoy a worry-free home or business. We offer warranties on tiles and labor for added peace of mind.

Metal Roof Installation in
Ogden, Utah

Metal roofing is growing in popularity due to its versatility, easy upkeep, and longevity. Experts advise property owners to trust metal roofing only so far as it is installed correctly. Bear Creek Roofing proudly bears over 30 years of experience installing a variety of roofing materials including metal. We ensure every joint is flawless, and we offer maintenance plans for ultimate peace of mind. Our team of licensed roofing contractors will continue to serve you for years after the project is complete.

Roofing Services You Can Trust

Bear Creek Roofing serves Northern Utah in areas such as Ogden, Layton, Kaysville, and Farmington. For over 30 years, our licensed roofing contractors have consistently delighted customers. 

We offer an exceptional variety of roofing services as well as warranties and our long-standing reputation for outstanding workmanship and timeliness. 

For more information about Bear Creek Roofing’s services, or for a free quote, be sure to contact us today by phone or email.

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