Skylight & Sun Tunnel Installation in Ogden, UT

Sun tunnel and skylight installation should be handled by seasoned professionals. Our roofing contractors have vast experience with both sun tunnels and skylights, making Bear Creek Roofing a knowledgeable, reliable choice for your roofing project.

Benefits of Sun Tunnel Installation

Natural light enhances our living spaces, and homeowners continually look for ways to increase the amount of natural light available in any area. Sun tunnels serve as cost-effective alternatives to skylights, allowing sunlight to penetrate the roof and illuminate a room through covered recesses in the ceiling. Similar in appearance to a recessed lighting socket, a sun tunnel allows subtle streams of natural light to enter an area.

Include a Skylight When Re-roofing

A re-roofing project should enhance an area while remaining as cost effective as possible. Installing a skylight or sun tunnels can improve the ambiance of a home and increase a home’s value. Skylights can work wonders for moods, energy bills, and the home’s overall resale value, making them worthwhile investments when re-roofing. Both sun tunnels and traditional skylights offer these key benefits of natural lighting.

Experienced Roofing Contractors

Once you’ve chosen natural lighting, consider only those roofing contractors who have experience installing and repairing skylights and sun tunnels. Bear Creek Roofing has repaired countless natural lighting implements, so we know what common mistakes to avoid when working on your new roof. Our licensed roofing contractors have been serving the greater Ogden area for over 30 years, and possess the skills and experience to perfect any skylight or sun tunnel installation.

Bear Creek: Ogden’s Local Roofing Company Company

At Bear Creek Roofing, we pride ourselves on establishing lifelong customer relationships. Our roofing company operates locally, ensuring each project is completed according to our small-business standards. For over 30 years, our licensed roofing contractors have provided services such as shingle removal, heat tape installation, tile roof repair, and a number of other roofing services. Call Bear Creek Roofing for more information or to receive a free quote.


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