It’s exciting and more than a little stressful to contemplate roof replacement. You can make the process easier on yourself by understanding the basics and what you should expect. 

Here’s a quick overview of what will happen when you are getting your roof replaced.


The first step is to prepare your home and family for the project. Place tarps and other protective equipment over furniture and belongings on your top floor. 

Remind your kids how important it is to stay in safe areas while workers are up on the roof. A falling nail at just the right time could have disastrous results. Find a quiet place for your pet where they won’t get hurt and won’t feel too stressed by the noise. 

Then come the roofers!

Tear Off

In the past, new roofs were often laid over top of the old ones. However, this practice is no longer as common and even forbidden in some areas. 

Thus, the old roof has to come off piece by piece. 


Once all the shingles are out of the way, the roof structure is thoroughly inspected. Any rotten wood is replaced and necessary repairs are made. 

Installation of the New Roof

Once the foundation of your new roof is ready, it’s time for installation. This will vary slightly depending on the type of roofing material you’ve chosen. But basically, the required layers of the roof will be laid with extra protection around leak-prone areas like chimneys and skylights. 

Roofers will use tarps and other equipment to protect your home both from their work and from the rain while your home is vulnerable. 

Final Cleanup

After this, all that’s left is to clean up and haul off the debris and the home is ready for the final inspection.

Ready for a New Roof?

The best way to get a quality new roof is to hire an experienced, professional roofing company like Bear Creek Roofing. Reach out today and get ready to be astounded by your beautiful new tile or metal roof!