Flat roofing has an impressive history. Some of the first buildings built with flat roofs date back to about 7100 BC in the Middle East region now known as the country of Turkey. These flat-roof buildings were made from natural materials like branches and leaves. Flat roofs are common in areas with warmer temperatures and negligible amounts of precipitation and were mostly utilized in those regions until about 120 years ago. Their popularity didn’t reach Europe or America until the 1800s and quickly became the first choice for commercial buildings. Like anything else, evolving technology, differing climates, and the availability of materials shaped the development and continued use of flat roofing.

These roofing styles, while predominantly used on commercial buildings, can also be incorporated into housing designs. These are some of the flat roof benefits that business and homeowners can expect:

  1. Increased Living Space – Imagine all the square footage that could be added to a home or business if the roof could also be converted into usable space. Some possible ideas include additional space for offices, meeting rooms, or storage, rooftop gardens, and recreational areas for relaxation, barbecuing, and taking in the views.
  2. Cost Savings – Depending on materials, labor, and square footage, the cost of a flat roof, on average, is less expensive by a few thousand dollars than a pitched roof.
  3. Quicker Completion Times – Flat roofs are less labor intensive and can be repaired or built more efficiently than pitched roofs, which means there are often fewer installation interruptions or delays.
  4. Solar Panel Optimization – Flat roofs are ideal for being able to place solar panels at the correct angles to make them most effective.
  5. Protected Locations for HVAC Units – Rooftop installations safeguard HVAC units from vandalism and protect them from being damaged by trees, people, or vehicles.

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