Do you like to stargaze? Do you enjoy natural light in your home? If you are a fan of bringing the outdoors inside, then installing a skylight will allow you to do that while adding value to your home. The average cost to install a skylight is about $1,500 nationwide, but you can’t put a price on all the advantages that a skylight will add to your home.

Here are some excellent reasons for installing a skylight.

  1. Increased privacy – Adding traditional windows makes it possible for you to see outside, but it also makes it possible for others to see inside your home. Skylights add light and improve your view without compromising your security and safety.
  2. Added health benefits – Natural lighting makes us more productive, improves our mood, and gives us an overall sense of wellbeing.
  3. Enhanced air quality – A skylight that can be opened can help ventilate your home by removing smoke and odors and adding fresh air into the room.
  4. Improved energy efficiency – The presence of more natural light means reduced reliance on electricity and lower energy bills.
  5. Upgraded curb appeal – Your home will look more attractive from the outside and help prospective buyers to imagine how pleasant and spacious your home must feel on the inside.
  6. Maximized use of space – A smaller room will appear larger and taller with the addition of a skylight while a larger room will seem absolutely palatial.
  7. Added value – A skylight can increase your home’s value by looking attractive and helping to preserve the life of your home’s roof. The increased ventilation assists in relieving the strain of snow and ice buildup, which can help your roof last longer by decreasing the risk of water damage.

If you are considering repairs or the addition of one or more skylights to your home, the professionals at Bear Creek Roofing can guide you through the planning process to the finished project. The roofing services we provide include identifying and installing the right skylight for your space. Contact us today to receive a free quote.