Your roof is one of the most important features of your home. For this reason, it is important to keep up with proper roof maintenance. Roof inspections are a vital part of this because they help catch problems early — while the repair is most affordable. But when should you have your roof inspected?!

Roof Inspections at Regular Intervals

You should have your roof inspected at regular intervals, but how regular?

It varies depending on the roofing materials and the climate where you live. Different roofs have different lifespans and some climates are harder on roofs than others.

However, as a rough guide, you should start having your roof professionally inspected about every three to four years after half the roof’s expected lifespan has passed.

Roof Inspection after a Bad Storm

Unfortunately, storms take a toll on roofs and may minimize a roof’s lifetime. It’s also possible for falling branches or other hazards to damage your roof. 

It’s a good idea to have an inspector take a closer look after particularly bad storms — before water damage and other problems set in. 

Roof Inspection When Buying a House

Always ask for a roof inspection when buying a house. The roof represents a large portion of your investment and if you buy a house with a bad roof, you could be shelling out money for repairs or even a whole new roof in the near future.

Sellers can also facilitate the sale of their house by ordering a roof inspection themselves. This paperwork will help put buyers’ minds at ease.

Professional Roof Inspection

Looking for experienced professionals to inspect your roof? Here at Bear Creek Roofing, we’ve been advising homeowners about their roofs since 2007. We can also help with any repairs or patching that you might need to get your roof back in tip-top shape.

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